Magento 网站的可访问性 Extension

The Magento All in One Accessibility Extension is developed based on AI and assistive technology that helps to enhance website accessibility. It improves the accessibility of your website to people with hearing or vision impairments, 汽车受损, color blind, dyslexia, cognitive & learning impairments, seizure and epileptic, and ADHD problems. This interface allows users to select the accessibility features as per their needs and peruse the content.

Free Trial

Kick-start 10 days free trial with all 70 +的特性. No advance payment is required. 你可以随时取消它.

User-Triggered Magento网站可访问性 Enhancements

它的建造是为了保持WCAG 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 guidelines in mind to enable accessibility features.


屏幕阅读器,谈话 & Type, 可访问性资料, Libras, 虚拟键盘, 语音导航, Dashboard and it supports multi language (140 +语言).

Chances to Reach Wider Audience

An accessible internet is a total win-win. 大约有1个.3 billion people with disabilities globally. With user-triggered Magento All in One Accessibility Extension, it increases the chances of reaching a wider audience.


With Magento All in One Accessibility Extension installed on your site, it reduces the risk of time-consuming accessibility lawsuits.


The Magento All in One Accessibility Extension enables businesses to participate in global efforts to improve online inclusion.

仪表板附加组件 & Upgrades

The Dashboard includes PDF/Document remediation, 白标服务, 现场网站翻译, 修改辅助功能菜单, 手动可访问性审计, VPAT或ACR报告, 附加组件和升级.

Magento All in One Accessibility Extension Features


  • Read Page
  • 阅读面具
  • Read Mode
  • 阅读指南

Skip links

  • 跳转到菜单
  • 跳到内容
  • 跳到页脚
  • 打开辅助工具栏


  • 内容扩展
  • 诵读困难的字体
  • 可读的字体
  • 突出显示标题
  • 突出的链接
  • 文本放大镜
  • 调整字体大小
  • 调整线条高度
  • 调整字母间距
  • 居中对齐
  • Align Left
  • Align Right

Color and Contrast Adjustments

  • 高对比度
  • 聪明的对比
  • 暗反差
  • Monochrome
  • 光线的对比
  • 高饱和
  • 低饱和
  • 反色
  • 调整文字颜色
  • 调整标题颜色
  • 调整背景颜色


  • Talk & Type
  • 语音导航
  • Multi-language (140+ Languages)
  • Libras (Brazilian Portuguese only)
  • 可访问性声明
  • Dictionary
  • 虚拟键盘
  • 隐藏界面


  • Mute Sounds
  • Hide Images
  • 停止动画
  • 突出徘徊
  • 突出重点
  • 大黑色光标
  • 白色大光标
  • 内容进行过滤
  • Protanomaly
  • 绿色弱视
  • Tritanomaly
  • Protanopia
  • 绿色盲
  • Tritanopia
  • Achromatomaly
  • 全色盲


  • Blind
  • 汽车受损
  • 视力受损的
  • Color Blind
  • Dyslexia
  • Cognitive & Learning
  • Seizure & Epileptic
  • ADHD


  • PDF文档/补救
  • 修改辅助功能菜单
  • White Label and Custom Branding
  • 现场网站翻译
  • VPAT / ACR报告
  • 手动可访问性审计


  • 可访问性得分
  • AI-based Automated Image Alt Text Remediation
  • Manual Image Alt Text Remediation by Website Owner
  • Automated Accessibility Compliance Report
  • 调整部件大小
  • 自定义小部件颜色
  • 精确的部件位置
  • Precise Widget Icon Size for Desktop
  • Precise Widget Icon Size for Mobile
  • 13 Different Accessibility Icon Types


  • 谷歌分析跟踪
  • Adobe Analytics跟踪

Magento Accessibility Extension Plan

Are you looking for an enterprise or custom Magento ADA web accessibility solution or a manual accessibility remediation report?


How to Install The Magento All in One Accessibility Extension
in Website?


The benefits of an accessible Magento website include as following:

  • Increase chances to reach wider audiences
  • 改善用户体验
  • Reduce the risk of legal lawsuits
  • Improved website visibility, and more.

No, it won’t impact your Magento website loading time & performance.

It will take 5 minutes to install on your Magento website.


It is compatible with Adobe Commerce 2.4(电流)和2.3(过时的).

是的,它支持 140 +语言.

Yes, the pro plan is available for different sizes of websites and monthly page views.

Yes, the PRO version includes all the required features of 屏幕阅读器, while the free version includes a reading mask only.

是的,确实如此. 用于多站点设置, the different domains require separate licenses or enterprise license supporting multiple domains.

It includes blind, visually impaired, color blind, 汽车受损, dyslexia, cognitive & 学习,没收 & 癫痫病和多动症.

We provide Magento All in One Accessibility installation and technical support over email.